Times have changed.

Has your firm?

The right people can provide legal document and software support far more effectively and
efficiently than the traditional model.

Legal document support has changed dramatically over the past several years as a result of increasingly powerful software and increasing use of personal computers by attorneys. Attorneys skilled with software are often more efficient working on documents themselves rather than utilizing traditional support staff. But where do attorneys go when they need expert assistance—troubleshooting, complex documents, voluminous data, fast turnaround?

Traditional support staff and outsourcing providers are skilled enough to do simple things—editing and input—however, they are overly challenged by higher level document and software concepts that are key to being efficient.

The reality is that document support has become a highly technical, professional skill. Educated support staff with true software expertise, tech skills and business knowledge are the right solution. Workers with the right background and skills can provide a much greater return on investment than firms are getting from traditional document support staff.

Law firms need to recognize this reality. Change your way of thinking about document support and stop throwing money away following outdated staffing models. Invest in skilled professionals.

Kenneth Hester is a Microsoft Office Specialist Master (2013, 2010, 2007, 2003) and a Microsoft Certified Application Developer.

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